You can now stream Steam games on Android anywhere

Although the hardware Steam Link box has been discontinued, Valve hasn’t given up on the idea of streaming games across devices. Now, the company has added a new service to its Android app, called Steam Link Anywhere which, as the name suggests, will allow you to stream any game from your library onto your smartphone.

The Steam Link app was released around a year ago and its early iteration had some limitations. You could only stream games on your local home network, which sort of defeated the purpose of having it on your smartphone. Why play a game on the smaller screen of your phone, if you have a much bigger TV or computer monitor nearby?

This has changed with Steam Link Anywhere. It’s available on both the Android app and the discontinued hardware box, and allows you to stream your favorite games from your PC to another computer or an Android phone/tablet, as long as they have an Internet connection. However, the devices no longer need to be connected to the same network for it to work. Of course, a stable and fast connected is recommended for the best performance.

The Steam Link app is now better than ever. / © Valve

The new feature is arriving just before the 2019 Game Developer Conference (GDC), where competitors are expected to reveal similar tech. Google specifically has teased that it will unveil “the future of gaming” at the conference – expected to be a cloud-based game streaming service. It seems, however, that Valve was one step ahead of the competition.

At the moment, the Steam Link app is not available on iOS, so if you have an iPhone or iPad you won’t be able to enjoy the new feature for now. If you have an Android device, you can download it here.

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