Xiaomi crowdfunds the Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder with app control for 199 yuan ($28)

Xiaomi has announced the 339th product under the crowdfunding platform and it is the Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder. The gadget comes with an affordable 199 yuan ($28) price tag and is presently available on Xiaomi Youpin for funding. The product is expected to start shipping on June 30.

Just as the name implies, the gadget is designed to provide food for the pet at home. The device functions in the same way as a feed trough but the main difference is that there is a food storage compartment where the food smartly trickles down from the storage compartment into the feeding trough.

The smart feeder integrates a smart app control which can be used to set the time intervals food should be delivered. Whether you are travelled on a business trip or busy with trivial matters, you will be able to take care of your pet’s healthy diet, three meals a day, and let the pet eat on time, as long as you set the time and quantity of food that should be dispensed.

The pet smart feeder comes with an innovative six-part structure with a brushed soft rubber which ensures the food doesn’t get clogged in the process of serving. It has a 4L storage capacity which can hold 2kg of cat or dog food. The pet food is evenly divided into 6g / serving, to avoid accumulation and congestion in the grain process.

Further, the grain storage bucket is made of ABS  plastic while the food bowl is a 304 stainless steel bowl which effectively reduces bacterial growth. The top cover has a silicone ring with triple locks while the main supply unit has a built-in drying box. The silicone sealing ring and the triple locks are designed to effectively block air from entering in order to prevent oxidation of the pet food.Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder

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The smart feeder even notifies the own when there is no food in the feeder with the ring LED light around the food outlet turning red and it blinks continuously. Also, an alert pops up on the connected smartphone via the app, reminding the owner to add food in time. There is even a smart weighing module at the bottom of the bowl which monitors the weight of the pet food at any time. You can check on the app to know how much food the pet eats daily. Through the Furrytail app, you can regularly and quantitatively feed the pet, since you know its dietary pattern.

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