Xiaomi CC9e visits Geekbench, may have a Snapdragon 665 SoC

The Xiaomi CC9e just appeared on Geekbench less than a day before its official release. There are multiple benchmark results but none of them specifies the chipset powering the device.

The device was benchmarked earlier today as the “Xiaomi MI CC 9e” and the result shows the phone has 6GB of RAM and runs Android 9.

The benchmark results say the phone is powered by an octa-core processor with a base frequency of 1.80GHz. Before now, there were rumors the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset but these results prove that is not true.

All devices powered by the Snapdragon 710 have a base frequency of 1.71GHz and the identifier is quite different too. So what chipset is this? We have a pretty strong guess.

Xiaomi CC9e Geekbench

There are five different results in all and save for the last one, the rest have a single-core score of over 1400 and a multi-core score of over 5000 points.

We know it isn’t the Snapdragon 660 because the SD660 has a base frequency of 1.84GHz. We also know it isn’t the Snapdragon 636 or Snapdragon 632 as some publications have reported, as neither of these chipsets has a multi-core score of over 5000 points. It is also definitely not the Snapdragon 675 which not only has a much higher single-core score and multi-core score but also has a base frequency of 1.71GHz.

Seeing as the scores fall between those of the Snapdragon 636 and the Snapdragon 660, we strongly believe the Mi CC9e may be powered by the Snapdragon 665. This chipset was announced by Qualcomm back in early April but it is yet to appear in a phone.

Snapdragon 665

The Snapdragon 665 uses the same Kryo 260 cores as the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 636 but is built on a smaller node size (11nm) as against the SD660 and SD636’s 14nm node size. Apart from that, the Snapdragon 665 has a lower clock speed than the SD660 but higher than that of the SD636 which explains why its scores are in between those of both processors.

Take a look at the video of the Snapdragon 665 made by Qualcomm. The focus is on AI and how it helps improve photography. It is no coincidence that the Xiaomi CC9e is being marketed as a camera-focused device.

Xiaomi was the first to launch a phone powered by a Snapdragon 710 chipset as well as the first phone with a Snapdragon 712 processor. Who is to say they won’t be the first to launch a Snapdragon 665 phone too?

We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one but let us know what you think in the comment box below.



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