The Galaxy S10 lost more value in 1 month post-launch than the iPhone XS lost in 9 months!

BankmyCell recently released a report on smartphone depreciation for 2018 which shows that the Galaxy S9 models are among the fastest depreciating models in terms of trade-in value. The company has released another report which details the resale value of the current Samsung flagship Galaxy S10 side-by-side with Apple‘s latest iPhone XS/XR.

Today’s follow up report details the resale value trends of the Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS/XR ranges. It is interesting to note that the projections look grim for consumers as the flagships are likely to depreciate at a much more aggressive rate in 2019, especially for Galaxy S10 series. The report shows that the Galaxy S10 lost more value in the first month after its launch than the iPhone XS lost in 9 months. The Samsung Galaxy S10 models lost 46.69% in the first month of release while the iPhone XS/XR range lost 42.40% in 9 months of release.

Samsung released a 1TB version of the S10 but it didn’t hold up in value as it is shown to have recorded the highest monetary loss in the first month, going from a starting price of $1,600 down to $750, losing $850. However, the Galaxy S10e had the biggest depreciation rate in the first month (-53.3%).

The iPhone XS/XR also saw some significant depreciation in value, with the iPhone XR (256GB) having the biggest depreciation of -$368 among the three available storage variants.

The iPhone XS 512GB variant also had the biggest loss in monetary value, going down from $1,349 to $706. For the iPhone XS Max models, the same scenario also played out, with the biggest loss coming to the 512GB version whose price fell from $1,449 to $801 in nine months.

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This pattern of smartphone depreciation is that even though the variant with the largest storage offers the biggest value for money at inception, they depreciate faster in value.

Another important thing we could draw out from the report is that even though the iPhone XS range is outperforming the Galaxy S10 range in terms of resale value, it isn’t a cause for celebration for Apple owners. The iPhone XS is losing value much faster than the iPhone X did in 9months post-launch. In fact, the XS lost -13.85% more value than the iPhone X.

So, there is a raging storm ahead for both Apple and Samsung. Both companies have also seen their market shares tumble in some major markets like India and China.


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