Silent Hill trademark filed by Konami in Canada

Silent Hill fans, there’s something interesting going on, as Konami has filed a trademark for Silent Hill in Canada. You can see the trademark right here. This trademark is new, having been initially filed by Konami Digital Entertainment on July 25, 2019. As such, this doesn’t appear to be an update or renewal related to Konami’s ownership of the Silent Hill franchise. It’s possible this means a new project is in development.

With that said, I’d have to advise against getting your hopes up too much. Over the last few years, Konami has been publishing fewer and fewer video games, instead focusing on arcade cabinets and pachinko machines. There have been a handful of games, like the ongoing Pro Evolution Soccer series but of late they’re the exception, not the rule.

The latest Silent Hill game to be announced was the ill-fated Silent Hills, which was going to be developed by Hideo Kojima and star Norman Reedus. With input from Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito and Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, the game seemed quite exciting and ambitious, garnering the attention of newer horror fans and Silent Hill hardcore alike. Announced through the downloadable P.T teaser, the game was cancelled and a falling-out between Kojima and Konami led Kojima to parter with Sony on the upcoming Death Stranding.

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