Samsung has delayed the Galaxy Fold’s launch events in China

Samsung has officially postponed the media launch events for the Galaxy Fold which were scheduled to happen this week in China. While Samsung gave no reason for the delay, the news itself is not surprising, given the recent turmoil surrounding the Galaxy Fold phone.

Last week, there were several reports of reviewers having issues with the display dying within days of receiving their Galaxy Fold. It would be understandable if Samsung delayed the launch in order to investigate these issues. However, the U.S. launch is still scheduled for April 26, and it appears Samsung is still on track to begin sales in South Korea and Europe beginning in May.

Which begs the question, why is there a delay in China? Perhaps it could simply be an issue of supply and demand. The Galaxy Fold went out of stock within hours here in the U.S. and Samsung could be having issues keeping up with the demand for its $2,000 foldable phone.

Either way, Samsung hasn’t been forthcoming about the reason behind this delay, nor has it given a new date for the events in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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