OnePlus TV is our Next Focus For India: Vikas Agarwal

OnePlus is all about smartphones right now, but the company is looking to change that in the coming months. CEO Pete Lau had already confirmed that the company was looking to release the OnePlus TV by 2020. Now, OnePlus’ India head, Vikas Agarwal has confirmed that the OnePlus TV would be its next focus for the Indian market.

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On the sidelines of the OnePlus 7 Pro launch event held in Bengaluru yesterday, Vikas, while talking to 91Mobiles about diversifying its portfolio of products said, “OnePlus TV is our next focus for the Indian market.” The company has already revealed its plans for a smart TV that will be quite unlike the television sets available in the market today. OnePlus is looking to introduce a smart TV that will run on its AI engine. The TV will be able to easily communicate with a smartphone and become smarter with time, thanks to its AI integration.

The vision for OnePlus’ smart TV sounds a lot like the Huawei TV model that is expected to release later this year. Similar to OnePlus’ TV plan, Huawei’s take on the next generation smart TV is basically a smart display with a very large screen that acts as a TV. Earlier reports said that the Huawei TV would also have a smart assistant on board, something like the Amazon Alexa and will use AI to learn the habits of the user.

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Xiaomi’s Mi TV’s are quite popular in India as well!

It looks like both Huawei and OnePlus share the same vision for the next generation smart TV sets. As we enter the 5G age, everything will become smarter and faster so the TV industry will see some solid changes as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for the OnePlus TV launch. All we know is that it’s in development since last year and will meet us by 2020. Vikas’ statement today just confirms that it will launch in India as well, one of the OnePlus’ most important markets right now.




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