Oculus Quest 64GB vs. Oculus Quest 128GB: Which should you buy?

The 64GB variant of the Oculus Quest supports all the same features and games as the version with larger storage. It has enough space for many users but will fill up if you’re a hardcore gamer and its lack of a microSD slot makes storage limitations a more significant issue.

$399 at Amazon


  • Cheaper
  • Has enough storage for a lot of users
  • Supports all the same features as larger storage variant
  • Supports all the same games as larger storage variant


  • Not enough storage for hardcore gamers
  • No microSD slot

This version of the Oculus Quest sports 128GB of storage, which is more than enough for multiple games and lots of media to enjoy, though it still doesn’t have a microSD slot.

$499 at Amazon


  • Lots of room for games
  • More affordable than the competition


  • Significantly more expensive
  • No microSD slot

Both versions of the Oculus Quest support the same exact features and have the same library of games. The only difference is the amount of storage available and the price of each device.

Oculus Quest 64GB vs Oculus Quest 128GB: What’s the difference?

Storage and price: Those are the only factors to look at when comparing these devices. They both support all of the same games and features, and the form factor is also the same. They’re even the same colors. The only difference is the amount of storage available and the price.

The price jump might be the main deciding factor for users because you don’t give anything up when you opt for the option with more abundant storage.

Category Oculus Quest 64GB Oculus Quest 128GB
Hand controls two touch controllers two touch controllers
Storage 64GB 128GB
6 degrees of freedom Yes Yes
Oculus Guardian tracking Yes Yes
microSD slot No No
USB-C storage support Yes Yes
Price $399 $499

The Oculus Quest can be used for gaming and media, but the type of content that’s most likely to eat up your storage is games. Oculus Quest games vary in size, but even large ones are small enough that you can get several on the Quest. For example, Robo Recall: Unplugged is 2.87GB, Vader Immortal: Episode I is 2.58GB, and SUPERHOT VR is 5.17GB. Some well-recognized games are even smaller. Beat Saber only takes up 2.95GB on my Oculus Quest, and I have some songs sideloaded onto it. Media apps are relatively tiny, though the media you play on them can take up space.

How much storage do you really need?

If you’re trying to be savvy with your money, or you just don’t want to pay for storage you won’t use, then it’s crucial to examine how you plan to use the Oculus Quest and figure out how much room you need.

If you’re a hardcore gamer and you want to download a lot of titles on your Oculus Quest, then you should opt for the 128GB variant of the headset. The Oculus Quest doesn’t have a microSD card slot, so once it’s full, you’ll have to delete games or media to free up space.

If you plan to uninstall games as you get bored with them or finish them, then you’re probably going to be just fine with the 64GB version.

64GB is enough (for most)

While games vary in size, they aren’t so large that you can’t have several of them on a 64GB variant of the Oculus Quest.

If you’re the type of user that plays a specific set of games at a time and then removes them from a device, then you probably don’t need to spend the extra money for an additional 64GB of storage.

If budget isn’t a factor for you, or you want to make it more likely that you’ll always be able to store your games and media on your VR headset, then you should get the 128GB variant of the Oculus Quest. You don’t give up any features when you increase storage size, so it’s a one-time investment to get a better device.

Enough for many

Oculus Quest 64GB

Budget-friendly with enough storage for many users

The 64GB version of the Oculus Quest supports all the same features and games as the larger version. While it’s unfortunate that there isn’t a microSD card slot, it has enough space for users who only keep specific games on their device at a time.

Room to work with

Oculus Quest 128GB

Enough storage for a larger library.

This version with a larger storage capacity will be able to keep more games and media on your device at once. While it still doesn’t have a microSD slot, it can store multiple games and several larger media files.

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