IEEE Forced to Ban Huawei Employees From Peer-Reviewing Papers

Huawei may be trudging through the storm, but the onslaught continues. Earlier today, researchers at the IEEE received emails telling them that Huawei employees are banned from peer-reviewing papers. The email claims “we cannot use colleagues from Huawei as reviewers or Editors for the peer-review process of our journals,”.

This is absolutely huge for a large number of reasons. For those not in the know, the IEEE is short for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It’s an organization of engineers, scientists, and students. They’re best known for developing standards for the computer and electronics industry. This news is shocking because up to this point, Huawei has always been one of the key players in the Institute.

Huawei has joined 177 standards organizations and open source organizations, and has held 183 key positions, serving on the board of directors of IEEE-SA, ETSI, WFA, and other organizations. They have members who hold high positions in there. They’ve even hosted the IEEE P2413 working group meeting in Shenzhen to promote the IEEE smart city standard process. This is already beginning to shock some people in the academic world.

Professor Zhihua Zhou of Nanjing University expressed his shock to hear the news. The IEEE is an international organization registered in the United States instead of an American organization. This means it has no right to ban the editors from peer-reviewing papers due to political motivations. He suggested that “experts from all levels of management at the IEEE should propose to the IEEE to transfer its registration to Switzerland.”

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