Huawei is pushing Android 10 to the Mate 20 Pro

Despite Huawei’s recent troubles with procuring full access to Google’s products as a result of its addition to the US Entity List, the company seems dedicated to providing its users with the latest Android releases. Dutch customers of the company’s last-gen flagship phablet report receiving OTA updates for EMUI 10 (via DroidApp), the company’s Android 10-based mobile operating system.

The update comes in at 4.4GB and is assigned build number It brings with it several visual flourishes for the Kirin 980-powered handset’s UI. However, only a limited number of users are seeing the update, so it is likely propagating on a rolling basis. You might need to wait for some time before getting a piece of the Android 10 goodness.

Interestingly, while the Mate 20 Pro does support Google Mobile Services, its successor and Huawei’s latest flagship, the Mare 30 series, does not. Instead, it features an AOSP build of Android and you will not find, say, the Play Store or Google Maps on the phone. In that regard, the newer model may actually be a significant downgrade for some.

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