Huawei confirms Hongmeng OS moniker, Increased its Revenue in H1 2019

Huawei has been under the spotlight for the past couple of months, especially since the US government banned the company from conducting business with its companies. After the recent G20 summit, the ban was eased by the government, but Huawei still wasn’t removed completely from the Entity List. However, despite the ban, Huawei seems to have done pretty well in the first half of the year as the company’s chairman, Liang Hua revealed at a press conference today that Huawei increased its revenue in the first half of the year. He further confirmed the name of its upcoming operating system, Hongmeng OS at the press conference. 

Huawei posting increased revenues in H1 2019 isn’t entirely surprising given that the ban came into effect in May. So Huawei’s performance in the initial four months of the year could have been pretty strong to mitigate its effect. If you remember, Huawei had already managed to ship over 100 million smartphones before the ban came into effect. So, the real damage from the ban will probably be seen in the second half of the year. Note that initial estimates revealed that Huawei’s US trade ban was likely to wipe out $30 billion of the company’s revenue. 

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At present, Washington’s stance is to allow US companies to sell their technology and products to Huawei as long as these products don’t pose a threat to national security. But Huawei’s chairman isn’t happy with the current situation. In the press conference today, Liang said that “adding Huawei to the Entity List was neither justified or fair,” and that Huawei “should be removed from the list entirely”.

He further said that the company’s Hongmeng OS was developed for IoT products and that Google’s Android was the preferred OS for smartphones. “We haven’t decided whether to develop HongMeng into a smartphone OS yet” he added. But this could change if Huawei is barred from using Android on its phones.  


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