HTC and the Louvre Museum make you (re)discover the Mona Lisa with VR

It has already been 500 years since the great, immense Leonardo da Vinci passed away. Who else but the Louvre Museum could pay him a tribute to the height of his talent? In association with HTC, the museum is presenting its first-ever virtual reality experience of the museum. Yes, you can see The Mona Lisa come alive.

This experience has a name: “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass”. The aim is to allow visitors to interact with the painting in a virtualized space by looking at the work closely, beyond the protective glass. You will see all the details “by taking advantage of a recent scientific study that revealed the techniques used by the artist to create his masterpiece”, so you can learn a lot about the famous Mona Lisa.

(Re)Discover the Mona Lisa in a RV. Louvre Museum

Do you have a VR HTC headset at home? Then you can go through VIVEPORT to access the service. It will also be available on other VR platforms, by the way. Yes, you read it right, you don’t even need to go to Paris! There are still many doubters when it comes to VR, but some application areas, such as medicine or access to culture, deserve to be highlighted in order to show that virtual reality is not just about video games.

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition will be open to the public from 24 October 2019 to 24 February 2020 at the Hall Napoléon.

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