Check out this Motorola RAZR foldable flip-phone video

We know a foldable Motorola RAZR phone is on its way. There were plenty of rumors suggesting its existence, until a company official confirmed it for us. Even its specs are out there, but what we didn’t know is how it will operate exactly, and how the display on the front will work.

The video below, posted on Weibo, shows off just that, answering some of the questions we had. Aside from looking like the old RAZR phone that was popular back in the day, a foldable flip-phone approach is fundamentally different from what Samsung, Huawei, and the others are doing.

We’ll leave you with the video, which, is just as unofficial as the specs we’ve been hearing about. Until Motorola makes the RAZR official, nothing’s certain, but it sure looks good in the video below.

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